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Meet Our Team



Nestor Morales
Agency Owner

I have 5 years experience with Allstate. I have run thousands of Home & Auto quotes and I know the Allstate system like the back of my hand. Right now, I fully service & manage the office from sales to claims to customer service.

One thing to know about me is that I live life with a sense of extreme urgency.  Every day I wake up and question if I am making the most of my time and the biggest impact I can on earth.  You literally have to pull me out of the office.  I am using my position and the Allstate platform to give back to the world in ways I never thought I could on my own.  It excites me to be selfless and potentially use my network and skills to really do something and make a change in the world somehow.  I am excited every day just to be alive and make a difference in every person’s life that I come in contact with. 

I just got married in Mexico to my girlfriend of 13 years. It was the greatest time of our lives!

I am a huge Fitness & Music enthusiast! I have been exercising for years and cannot start my day without going to the gym.  I take extremely good care of my body and encourage everyone to be health conscious. People come to me for advice about fitness and diet all the time. Also, for many years, I have been a successful independent Dj across Long Island & NY. Even today, I still do shows here & there from time to time.  I went to a music school in the NY called SAE & have a certificate in Electronic Music Production in Ableton Live.

I’m passionate about giving back, some of the areas I’m involved in include: Catastrophe aid & rescue, Wildlife Conservation, Water Preservation/Clean Water, and Animal Rescue.



Steven Pezzulo
Licensed Sales Representative

I spent over a year working in auto claims for GEICO. There is no such thing as an accident I haven’t seen before. I got my license to sell insurance in NY in October 2018 and have been selling for our agency ever since.

I grew up in Merrick, NY. I went on to Pace University in Manhattan for my finance degree and spent a year living in Brooklyn.

Using my previous experience with insurance, I enjoy the opportunity to save people money while making sure they have the best coverages for them.

I’m really big into sports. Football and baseball are my favorites, but I can watch or play anything.

If I’m not at work you can probably find me hanging out with my friends watching any sporting event; which is also my favorite way to spend a weekend.

I have a bad case of wanderlust and would love to be able to travel more.

Ranya Sergany

It has been super informative and I’ve learned so much. I’ve gained experience in customer service, sales, and follow-up procedures. I grew up in Huntington New York. I lived in Egypt for 5 years when I was younger and learned how to read, write, and communicate in Arabic.

I like to set daily goals for myself. I get excited when I am able to meet them, and go beyond what I had hoped for. I like helping people find savings too. I love poetry and art. Photography and writing are my hobbies. I am always up to date with new music and love dancing too.

My favorite way to spend a weekend would be at a calm, scenic setting outdoors like a park or a nature reserve. One of my hidden talents is that I can belly dance.

Gerry White
Licensed Sales Professional

I come with over 14 years of insurance industry experience including a decade as senior actuarial analyst for in personal lines for one of the foremost insurers in the world in the high net worth space. I have also spent a couple of years each as a commercial auto reserving actuarial analyst and as a life actuarial consulting associate for other players.

I play guitar and enjoy teaching science and math. I am hopeful that I have encouraged and positively impacted a few thousand students over the years throughout NYC and Long Island.

I am excited about the opportunity to educate people about the need for insurance and help people have peace of mind knowing that they are adequately protected in case of unforeseen circumstances that may befall anyone. I enjoy my three children and seeing them grow and mature into driven young people while hopefully providing them with invaluable experiences that will help guide them to their own God-given purpose in life.

I do enjoy playing guitar for my own entertainment, kicking back to some peaceful music, hanging out with my extended family, and continuing to find ways to help others realize their own potential.

Michael Cassidy
Licensed Sales

This is my first opportunity with working in the insurance industry. I have learned a ton so far!
I am a young entrepreneur with a desire to own my own business one day. I currently run and own a worldwide car club business called, “Being Built” with my brother.
I enjoy my job because I absolutely love interacting with people, especially if I am able to help them out.
I personally enjoy and have a true passion for finances which is what I am studying in school full time.
On the weekend I absolutely love spending my time around cars. Both working on them and also looking at them at car events.
I enjoy giving back to the community by working with nonprofits through my car business. For Christmas time we were able to do a car meet and had a massive collection of toys to donate!

Cole Biondo
Insurance Consultant

The insurance industry is a growing passion of mine! This is my career and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I grew up in Valley Stream, NY. I have extensive experience in sales and a degree in communications.

I love being able to connect with people from all walks of life and build prolific relationships that are beneficial in every way! I am a very family oriented individual, I love to spend quality time with my family and am looking forward to building one of my own soon! I also love motor sports, bikes, cars, boats and more!

When I’m not working you can find me either at the gym or at the beach. I am also a food junkie! you can find me at some really great restaurants and I’m always looking for the next best place to eat! My guilty pleasure is spending ample time with the ones I love, I will splurge on them to make an experience to remember! My community is always hosting activities to raise funds and make a difference in peoples lives, I make sure I am always involved! helping the people around me and the community is something that’s extremely important to me!

Kerriann Sarducci
Customer Service Representative

I have been licensed in Personal Lines for five years. I have six years experience within the insurance industry. I grew up in Huntington Station, New York. I have an amazing daughter that motivates me everyday to do the best I can.

The things that excite me the most is being able to help people save money!! I enjoy interacting with clients and helping them with any and all questions.

I absolutely love spending time with my family. You can always find my daughter and myself doing something creative. I love painting, especially on a canvas! My favorite way to spend a weekend especially in the summer is at the beach and/or somewhere outside.

My guilty pleasure is going on road trips with my daughter. I love randomly jumping in the car and going for drives. Montauk is my favorite place to go.