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Our Environment Needs Care

Nestor Morales Agency is announcing a comprehensive campaign to address the many environmental problems in our area. We will be supporting multiple initiatives to improve outdated recycling efforts, protect green spaces, and detoxify waterways to help restore the natural beauty that once defined our community.

A news article in the Times earlier this year reported on an issue most of us already know: the water crisis. In this latest of many environmental issues facing Long Island, we’ve learned that water quality all along the south shore has plummeted in recent years, leading to closed beaches, dead rivers, harmful algae, and the destruction of the local fishing industry. We want to offer hope and relief. In New York alone, we are facing a dark reality right now, and even though the challenge is huge… there’s much that we can do.

“If we want a brighter future for our children, we need to make sure they have a healthy world to live in. Our agency is committed to reversing environmental damage and helping in any way we can,” says agency owner, Nestor Morales.